June 2020 | NEWSLETTER | Studio Happenings, Inspiration and Hygge

Angela Heath ART
June 2020 Newsletter

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What’s happening…HA_BLOG_JUNE_quilts

I have been busy mounting these fabric art pieces around the house.  The bottom one is from my Mosaic Series ( https://angelaheathart.com/category/quilts/mosaic-series/) of quilted wall hangings.  The middle (Into the Light) and the top (Waves) ones are quilts from my digital surface design collections.





The wonderful sky photo of the Moon and Venus outside my window has inspired a new painting series called Rendezvous (coming soon).  I’ve been thinking a lot these days about sky and space (among other themes), so this painting fits right in.

Sharing what I’ve learned… My favorite hygge spots

Hygge (pronounced Hyoo-Gah) is the Danish (and Norwegian) word for comfort and well-being.   I have several Hygge spots throughout my house.   I look to spend time everyday meditating or just sitting quiet while having a cup of tea.  I just noticed that each chair is in the beige color family – I guess I associate the beige color family with peace and calm.  Interesting.


What’s on my knitting needles?

I taught myself to knit in the summer of 2016.  In the early days, I was a crocheter and owned a little business.  Knitting gave me a pathway to enjoying another relaxing, meditative art form.  Talk about hygge art!