Art Bio

Because I’m Happy

Art in My Early Years
My earliest recollection of creating art was drawing. As a child, I watched my older brother draw cartoon characters and letterheads from memory. I was intrigued by his talent and eventually tried it on my own. I started drawing Peanuts characters and other comic characters such as the Jetsons and Josie and the Pussycat.  At twelve years old, I begged my mom to buy me a drafting table. With my drafting table and first set of mechanical pencils in hand, I literally spent hours and hours drawing whatever I saw and liked. 

Later on, I took a hiatus from drawing to explore more tactile mediums and was introduced to crocheting by my mom. Even though I was a leftie, she managed to teach me crocheting using the mirror technique.  She would sit in front of me and crochet a sample.  Using a mirror pointed at her, I learned by studying her motions through the mirror. I found that crocheting was fun and that I could occupy my restless nature by working on long projects that involved making smaller pieces that were assembled into a larger one. I was hooked. 

Being bit by the “Quilting Bug”. As a teenage girl, I had always been into textile arts and started my own crocheting business from ages 14 through 17 years old. I loved working with my hands, but soon developed Carpal Tunnel in my hands. I had to find something else to nurture my creative side. Shortly after, I purchased a computerized sewing machine and began to learn about making quilts. I took my first quilting class in 2004 and learned from a simple pattern that contained five colors and all cotton fabrics. My first quilt ended up with seven colors with cotton and silk fabric. I was officially bit by the “quilting” bug.

FabricWorks Studio.  Later in 2004, I opened my quilt studio FabricWorks Studio and began making my own quilts. In 2006, I exhibited and sold my first quilts throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.  Soon after that, I began exhibiting my quilts all over the country. Today, my quilt studio is alive and well with digital surface designs, exhibiting work, archiving my artwork on the weekends, and writing.

Digital Art.  I first learned and fell in love with Adobe Photoshop Version 3.  I’ve created digital art for many years and it is still my favorite program to use. In 2008, I started creating wholecloth quilts from my digital art.  This marriage of my digital art and quilting began a journey that would lead to my some of my signature quilting pieces.

Abstract Painting and Mixed Media.  I’m relatively new to painting and working with mixed media.  I love the immediacy and the intimacy that I feel with acrylic paint and various mediums.  Although, I love painting acrylics on canvas, I absolutely adore working with wood as a substrate. Wood is sturdy, organic and really makes me feel more “grounded” to the piece I’m working on.

Finding My Art. We all have the need to feel special.  I believe we were all born with a specialness inside. I always wondered what my specialness would be, where it was and when I would find it. What I’ve learned is that it was here all along.