Artist Statement

I am a quilter and surface designer.  My work primarily focuses on abstract design, texture and movement.  I love to use harmonious color schemes, soft curved lines, repetition, and pattern in my pieces.  Many of my pieces present a visual design experience that varies depending on the viewpoint.

My creations take the form of quilts, paintings, digital designs and mixed media.  I particularly love creating art in a spontaneous, fast-paced, fluid and organic process. My process is primarily improvisational in nature with simple construction and finishing techniques.

Working with fabric treats me to a tactile, organic journey.  I am in love with the zen experience of quilting thousands of stitches on fabric to create a textured surface.  I have recently been enjoying weaving and knitting which allows for a more intimate art-making, textural experience.

When painting, I’m particularly interested in movement and flow using fast and fluid mediums like acrylics, inks and dyes.  I enjoy using brushes and palette knives to layer paints on substrates like canvas, fabric and wood.  I also like mixing my paints with gels and pastes to create various viscosities and finished surfaces.

When creating art, I am primarily interested in creating a sacred place where I can be my most authentic self.