Artist Statement

To me creating art is like speaking a language.
It is a way of communicating with the world we live in. It also provides a passageway into ourselves. I love art because it can bring people together; help us to reach deep within, and allow us to understand and cope with the world.

In my work, I like to explore color, texture and movement through pattern and design. I thrive on spontaneous, fast-paced and free-form creation.  Creating art takes me to my sacred place – one where I can be my most authentic self.

When creating digitally-printed quilts, I enjoy an organic process that begins by transforming something familiar such as a photograph into a completely different, unexpected form.  When painting, I’m particularly interested in movement, flow and energy using fast and fluid mediums like acrylics, inks and dyes.  The fluidity of my painting process allows a perfect balance in my art making.