In the Zone Quilt Series

All artists experience the moments when you lose track of the time and space while making your art. During the quilting process, I’m “in the zone” when designing and sewing. With this series, I aim to capture and honor the moments of other artists while in the zone.    

Mosaic Quilts

The Mosaic quilts are made from leftover commercial, painted, dyed or digitally printed cotton and silks fabrics in the studio. The scraps are cut into strips, rectangles and/or squares are then fused onto an interface and quilted.

Digital Design Quilts

My digital design quilts are made from manipulating original photos, digitally painting, and simulating traditional surface design techniques.  

Technology Quilts

My technology quilts examine the idea that art can be generated NOT created.  The quilts in this series are generated using various programs and techniques such as a QR code generator, data bending (also called glitching), sine wave filters, pixelating, and halftones.   AWARDS 2017 – Future Code won an Best and Innovation Award on … Continue reading Technology Quilts