Thanks for dropping by my studio online!  My name is Angela and I am a quilt and surface design artist from North Carolina since 2004.  Since 1995, I have been an information and technology consultant, educator and writer.

My art is primarily inspired by abstract design, color and texture.  Read my artist statement to learn more about my art intentions.

LATEST Work & News

Guitar Man (2018)
My latest piece is much more personal than my other pieces. It represents an homage to artists living “in the zone.”

Guitar Man, 2018; NFS

SinePlay (2018)

My new surface design from the Future Code collection. It is called SinePlay. The 18″ square quilt is digitally printed on 4 silk fabric sheets stitched together.  The design was generated (not created) by running a Sine Wave generator in Adobe Photoshop and then stretching and coloring the waves into a design.

SinePlay; 18″ square; Digital print on silk generated from Sine waves; AVAILABLE

Lost City (2018)
My painting Lost City is a recent surface design that depicts a city in turmoil.

Lost City painting
Lost City, 22 x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas; SOLD


For me, creating art is like speaking a language. It is my chance to communicate my thoughts, desires, hopes and passions to all who will engage.

on Creating Art

I took my first quilting class in 2004 and learned from a simple pattern that contained five colors and all cottons. My first quilt ended up with seven colors with cotton and silk fabric. I was officially bit by the “quilting” bug.

on Getting Hit by the “Quilt Bug”