Artist Statement

To me creating art is like speaking a language. It is a way of communicating with the world we live in. It also provides a passageway into ourselves. I love art because it can bring people together; help us to reach deep within, and allow us to understand and cope with the world.

In my “narrative” work, I make quilts that speak to a concept or cause. I like that visual art can be a powerful way of communicating my life, thoughts, passions and causes.  In some pieces, I explore universal life experiences such as love, belonging, and family. In other pieces, I comment on issues in technology, society, people and the environment.

In my abstract work, I like to explore color, texture and movement through pattern and design. In this work, I thrive on spontaneous, fast-paced and free-form creation.  I’m particularly interested in movement, flow and energy in visual mediums like acrylics, inks and dyes.  To me, it’s analogous to being able to communicate in different languages.