May 2020 | NEWSLETTER | Uploading new work to INSTAGRAM

Angela Heath ART
May 2020 Newsletter

 surface design | quilting | painting | knitting | weaving | abstract art

What’s happening…

I started with INSTAGRAM a  while ago but am starting a regular practice again. It will be an easy way for me to get work from the studio out. I have been photographing completed quilts and paintings at first light on the weekends.

So, I will be able to just load them to my Instagram account right from my cellphone. Just trying to catch up.


Getting my ducks in a row…

I’ve been busy these past months getting my ducks in a row.  Re-organizing my office and studio space; ordering supplies and starting my painting sessions were among the first things to get done.



Sharing what I’ve learned…

Some people lead, others follow.  Still others march by the beat of their own drum.  When I realized this is me, I felt like I belonged.